Connor Ruebusch Joins Press Row

By Jordan Breen Sep 9, 2015

Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the blog. This week, Breen is joined by contributor Connor Ruebusch.

It's been 21 years since UFC 3 hit Charlotte, N.C., a bizarre, disappointing card that failed to produce a Royce Gracie-Ken Shamrock bout and witnessed alternate Steve Jennum win the evening's tournament with just a single victory. Breen and Ruebusch look back at the maligned card, why it still resonates historically and its place as the first train wreck MMA event.

The pair look at the Royce Gracie-Kimo Leopoldo confrontation, the role Kimo's hair played in the contest's outcome and whether Kimo was the first “manufactured” star in MMA history, as well as the iconic Keith Hackney-Emmanuel Yarborough showdown, the bizarre, memetic nature of Harold Howard and how his ill-fated somersault kick attempt is instructive about the technical evolution of the sport.

Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

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