Josh Burkman Believes He’s Entering His Prime

By Staff Oct 24, 2013

WSOF 6’s (undercard live and free on Sherdog) Josh Burkman, on “Beatdown,” discussing his future:

“I have about 12, 13 more fights. The biggest thing is living healthy, not getting out of shape, staying in shape and continuing to get better. I really feel like those first five, six, seven years are all physical, and then all of a sudden, right around seven, eight, maybe 10 years, it really becomes more mental. I don’t train as hard as I trained when I was 25. People would be very surprised if they saw how I train. It’s there now; I just have to tweak it and rev it up and never lose it. I really think that now I’m starting to figure things out on a higher level in martial arts, and I think that doesn’t come for 10, 15 years in the sport. I really believe that my mid-30s will be the best part of my career.”

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