'The Ultimate Fighter' Finale Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from The Pearl in Las Vegas, Nevada with live play-by-play of the UFC's "Ultimate Fighter" season finale, which is headlined by a lightweight clash pitting Roger Huerta (Pictures) against Clay Guida (Pictures).

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Paul Georgieff vs. Jonathan Goulet (Pictures)
Round 1
For the first two minutes of the round, Goulet and Georgieff traded shots with nothing landing solidly. Goulet then scored with a single-leg takedown, where he worked effective ground and pound to the face of his opponent. After a scramble, Georgieff got back to his feet and landed a nice left hand which rocked Goulet. Goulet then took the fight to the canvas with another single-leg. The Canadian struck from the top position and locked up a fight ending rear-naked choke shortly after. Georgieff was choked unconscious at the 4:42 mark of the opening frame.

Roman Mitichyan vs. Dorian Price (Pictures)
Round 1
Roman Mitichyan came out fast with a single-leg takedown. After staying in Price's open guard for a few seconds, Mitichyan dropped back with an ankle lock, which forced Price to tap out after 23 seconds had passed in the first round.

Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci (Pictures)
Round 1
Arroyo got the fight started with a crisp right cross on the chin, and followed with a tight guillotine choke attempt after pulling guard. Arroyo escaped the hold and immediately had to fight off another armbar. Referee John McCarthy stepped in to restart the action to standing, where Arroyo again went to a guillotine. Kolosci escaped, and Arroyo kicked off the cage and locked on a tight armbar, this one forcing a tap at the 4:42 mark of round one.

Troy Mandaloniz (Pictures) vs. Richie Hightower (Pictures)
Round 1
In what looked mostly like a boxing match, Troy Mandaloniz and Richie Hightower went toe-to-toe for several minutes until Hightower briefly took Mandaloniz down. Lots of punches ensued, with Mandaloniz picking his opponent apart with shots from several angles and the occasional knee. A Mandaloniz straight left followed by three right-handed hammer fists ended the night for Hightower at 4:20 of the first.

Ben Saunders vs. Daniel Barrera
Round 1
Saunders started strong with a low leg kick and a kick that whizzed by Barrera's head. Barrera's worked for several minutes on a single-leg attempt but Saunders had none of it. Saunders avoided the tackle and took Barrera's back, where he looked briefly for a rear-naked choke and an arm. Barrera rolled Saunders over and took the top position. Barrera rode out the duration of the round from the top but offered no offense. 10-9 for Saunders.

Round 2
Barrera took the contest to the canvas in the opening seconds with a well-executed takedown. Saunders went high with his hips in search of an armbar, but Barrera adjusted and avoided danger. Referee Yves Lavigne stood the fight up and asked for more action. Barrera again was able to take Saunders down. Lavigne stood them back up. Saunders cracked Barrera with a left kick to the face and hopped on his back where he looked for an armbar as the round expired. 10-9 for Saunders.

Round 3
Saunders launched a kick to Barrera's body that connected. Barrera shot in again found Saunders on his back in the process. Saunders locked in a body-triangle and struck the face with his left fist. Barrera fought off a rear-naked choke but could not free himself from the bad position. Saunders rode Barrera's back as he attempted to roll, meanwhile scoring with both hands to his opponent's head. With two minutes remaining in the bout, Barrera finally got Saunders off his back, but was unable to do anything from the top. Lavigne stepped in moved the fight to the feet. Saunders closed the fight with shots to the body from his knees as Barrera tried to muscle a single-leg tackle against the fencing. 10-9 for Saunders. The judges agree and see it 30-27 (twice) and 29-28, all for Saunders.

Billy Miles (Pictures) vs. George Sotiropoulos (Pictures)
Round 1
Miles ran after Sotiropoulos at the horn, throwing wild punches. Sotiropoulos weathered the brief storm and took Miles' back in the scramble. Few seconds passed before Sotiropoulos forced Miles to tap with a tight rear-naked choke at 1:36 of the first.

Jared Rollins (Pictures) vs. Jon Koppenhaver (Pictures)
Round 1
Rollins caught a Koppenhaver kick and took him to the canvas early in the round. Koppenhaver worked to his feet and returned the favor with a takedown of his own. Rollins connected with several hard elbows to the top of Koppenhaver's head from the bottom. More elbows land from the bottom for Rollins as Koppenhaver does little from the top save for right handed shots to the body. Koppenhaver got busy with elbows of his own and opened up a cut over Rollins' right eye. Koppenhaver, now bleeding himself on the top of head, finishes strong to end the round. 10-9 for Rollins.

Round 2
Rollins opened up with his hands and attacked Koppenhaver against the cage. Koppenahver took Rollins down and struck the body with right hands. Both fighters are covered in blood as referee Steve Mazzagatti stood up the action. Rollins ate a right hand before getting a takedown of his own. Rollins postured up and landed right hands to the face before moving to side-control. Briefly on Koppenahver's back, Rollins looked for a rear-naked choke but the blood and sweat allows him to escape easily. Rollins, from the top, teed off with left and right hands until the horn sounded. 10-9 for Rollins.

Round 3
Rollins shot for a takedown early in the third but it was Koppenhaver who took the top position. Koppenhaver unloaded with elbows that rocked Rollins, but he was able to recover. Another standup from Mazzagatti. Rollins landed a heavy punch and a knee to the head. Koppenhaver, just seconds removed from danger, rolled Rollins over with a Kimura, took the mount and blasted away with punches until Mazzagatti stepped in to save Rollins. Amazing fight. The official time was 2:01 of the third round.

Mac Danzig (Pictures) vs. Tom Speer (Pictures)
Round 1
Speer got the action started as he clinched with Danzig against the cage and landed two knees to the body. Danzig struck the body himself before scoring the evening's first takedown. Danzig, now in the mount after just seconds on the ground, blasted away with punches and elbows from the dominant position. Speer rolled over to avoid punishment, where Danzig flattened him out and forced a tapout with a rear-naked choke at the 2:01 mark. Complete domination by Mac Danzig.

Roger Huerta (Pictures) vs. Clay Guida (Pictures)
Round 1
Huerta jabbed with his right hand and fired a head kick to kickoff the action. Guida dropped levels and secured a single-leg takedown. Huerta worked to his feet but was slammed hard back to the canvas. Huerta rolled and attempted a kneebar but Guida was able to escape. Huerta landed a knee to the head which landed solidly. Guida then returned the favor with a knee of his own, but Huerta had both knees on the floor, forcing referee "Big" John McCarthy to issue a warning*. Guida scored again with a takedown, and proceeded to Huerta's back, where he looked for a rear-naked choke. Huerta escaped and worked briefly for a Kimura before the round ended. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Guida.

Round 2
The fighters scramble for a takedown to start the second. Huerta got to his feet and attacked Guida's head, body and legs with his left foot. Guida, overwhelmed on his feet, rushed in and wrestled Huerta to the floor. After getting Guida off his back, Huerta got to his feet, where he as rocked by a two-piece combo followed with a left head kick. Huerta recovers and tees off with punches that rock Guida. Guida then faked a shot, which promted Huerta to sprawl. Guida then landed a big right hand that hurt Huerta. 10-9 for Guida.

Round 3
Huerta, fighting with urgency, tees off with knees and a head kick as the final period starts. Huerta hopped on the stunned Guida's back and finished him with a rear-naked choke. Incredible finish to an outstanding bout. The official time is 0:31 of the third frame.

*Sherdog.com incorrectly reported that a point was deducted in the first round from Clay Guida. In fact, McCarthy issued a warning for the blow
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