WEC Live Play-by-Play

Dec 12, 2007
Sherdog.com reports from the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with live play-by-play of December 12's WEC card, headlined by Urijah Faber (Pictures) versus Jeff Curran (Pictures).

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Live Results Here.

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Ian McCall vs. Charlie Valencia (Pictures)
Round 1
Valencia scored early with a straight right hand a crushing suplex before forcing McCall to tap to a guillotine choke at 3:19 of the first round. Impressive showing from Valencia, who showed a well-rounded game and explosive power. The suplex was as pretty as any seen in the short history of mixed martial arts.

Brian Bowles (Pictures) vs. Marcos Galvao (Pictures)
Round 1
Bowles looked superior with his hands from the get go. Galvao caught an unintentional knee to the groin, in which the Brazilian needed a minute to recover. Bowles continued to pepper the face of Galvao with straight punches right down the pipe and a fast as lighting elbow. Body shot, left hook landed for Bowles. Galvao was warned for an illegal knee while Bowles had a knee on the canvas. 10-9 for Bryan Bowles.

Round 2
Bowles landed an overhand right that put Galvao away at 2:09 of the second period. Bowles turned up the pressure with his fists from the beginning of the round.

Alex Karalexis (Pictures) vs. Ed Ratcliff (Pictures)
Round 1
Good action in the opening round. Ratcliff hurt Karalexis with a huge right hand on the button. Karalexis was stunned, but showed guts in surviving the stanza. 10-9 for Ratcliff.

Round 2
Ratcliff ran through Karalexis in the second round, and put him away with a right hand followed with ground-and-pound. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in to save the "Ultimate Fighter" veteran at the 1:26 mark.

Bryan Baker (Pictures) vs. Eric Schambari (Pictures)
In a pretty uneventful match, Bryan Baker edged Eric Schambari two rounds to one on two of the judges' scorecards, who offered scores of 30-27 and 29-28. A lone judge saw the contest 29-28 for Schambari. Both fighters traded positions on the ground and did a lot of scrambling, but enjoyable action was few and far between.

Sherdog.com apologizes for technical issues that prevented blow-by-blow action in the contest.

John Alessio (Pictures) vs. Todd Moore
Alessio was slightly dominant in a fairly competitive contest with Todd Moore. Throughout the clash, Alessio beat Moore to the punch and scored a few takedowns. Allesio showed flashes of his reputation at times when he opened up with his strikes. All three judges' saw the bout 30-27 for John Allesio after 15-min. in the cage.

Light Heavyweight Title Fight:
Doug Marshall (Pictures) vs. Ariel Gandulla (Pictures)
Round 1
Gandulla took a thumb to the eye early in the round. Marshall exploded into a jumping knee, which was caught by Gandulla, who took the match to the floor. Marshall went high with his hips for a triangle attempt, but he switched to an armbar that forced Gandulla to tapout quickly. The official time was 0:55 of the first.

Middleweight Title Fight:
Paulo Filho (Pictures) vs. Chael Sonnen (Pictures)
Round 1
Sonnen cracked Filho with two right hands in the opening 10 seconds. Sonnen then picked Filho up and slammed him to the canvas on his head. "He's out! He's out!" screamed Sonnen to the referee. After a few seconds of begging for a stoppage, Filho showed signs of life from under Sonnen. Chael then pounded with punches before starting to work for a D'arce choke. Filho escaped to his feet and pulled guard with a tight guillotine choke. Sonnen escaped and started to hit the body with right hands. Sonnen dove in with a hard right hand. Filho is just hanging on, taking punishment. Filho does just enough with an armbar an omaplata attempt in the final seconds to avoid a 10-8 round. 10-9 for Sonnen.

Round 2
Filho pushed forward with a cut over his right eye to start the second period. He worked for a single-leg for several minutes against the fencing but Sonnen had none of it. Chael backed away and took Filho to the canvas easily. Sonnen landed elbows from the top position. Sonnen is taking it to the champion with punches from his opponent's open guard. Out of nowhere, Filho locks in an armbar that causes Sonnen to scream. The referee rushes in to halt the bout at the 4:55 mark. Sonnen complains about the stoppage but it was valid.

Cub Swanson (Pictures) vs. Jens Pulver (Pictures)
Round 1
Swanson went for a takedown at the bell. Pulver stuffed the shot and locked up a modified guillotine choke that forced Swanson to tap within the opening minute. Quick, almost effortless win for the former UFC lightweight champion in just 35 seconds.

Featherweight Title Fight:
Urijah Faber (Pictures) vs. Jeff Curran (Pictures)
Round 1
Faber clipped Curran with a right hook just before Curran tripped the champion to the canvas. Curran quickly moved to the mount position and took Faber's back after he offered it to avoid strikes. The challenger struck the head and looked for a rear-naked choke while squeezing a body-triangle. Faber showed great defense and was able to get his belly off the floor after being flattened out. Faber stood up with Curran still on his back and attempted to slam Curran off. Faber freed himself from the bad position and delivered a few elbows. 10-9 for Curran.

Round 2
Faber shot in but Curran stuffed it. Faber landed two sharp standing elbows that opened up a cut on the bridge of Curran's nose. Urijah attempted a judo throw but found himself on the ground beneath the challenger. Faber went for a triangle, but Curran was able to escape. Faber, now on top, continued to deliver punishing elbows. Curran got to his feet, but was caught with a knee before being submitted with a guillotine choke at 4:34 of the second round.

After the bout, Faber stated that he will most likely be facing Jens Pulver next.
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