John Evans

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A recovering engineer, John Evans holds undergraduate degrees from Miami University and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Upon completion of an MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia University, he moved to South Korea, where he is presently an Assistant Professor in Residence at Wonkwang University and a PhD student in Philosophy at Chungbuk National University. His fiction, non-fiction and literary criticism have appeared in over twenty literary journals, including Asia Literary Review, Square One and The Truth about the Fact. In his spare time, John enjoys fast motorcycles, cheap beer, good books, lunatic friends and mountain sports, and to those ends he once spent nearly a decade as a snowboard instructor in Vail, Colo. His heroes include Muhammad Ali, Ryszard Kapuscinski and, in terms of sports writers, the great W. C. Heinz. He is also grateful to the Korean MMA community as a whole, which has been so very, very cool to him over the years.

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